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Can you make custom sized units?
Yes, we can make custom units for solid wire ranging from 22 awg through 10 awg (.025-.102) diameter. Contact us for all custom units, including metric.

Can you upgrade the original copper extractor to the new stranded unit?
Yes, the stranded version was designed to be an add-on. Contact us if interested.

What is the warranty of the copper extractor?
We provide a 1 year manufacturers warranty that includes parts & labor.

How often do I need to change the blade in my stranded unit?
If used as intended, the blade is designed to last for 500 hours.

How often and how much do I need to grease my wire stripper?
Half a pump of multi-purpose grease every 20 hours is sufficient.

How fast can I run the drill press?
400rpm is the maximum speed at which our strippers should be operated. We recommend 300 rpm or less for optimum performance.

Can I use something other than a drill press to run the copper extractor?
Yes, you may use any machine that operates in the rpm range we specify.

What are your payment options?
We accept Paypal, Credit card, money order, & cashier’s check.

Can I buy replacement parts?
Yes, see our products page.

What size wires can I strip?
Our units strip #14awg though #2awg

How do I fasten my stripper to the drill press table?
Do not. Fasten a stop to the table to keep it from rotating. Fastening the unit directly will cause premature failure.

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